HTC Desire U Price in India is Commendable

Before you make up your mind to purchase a phone you have endless list of choices today. Each dawning day witnesses some new products being launched. You can now with ease select the mobile phone of your choice. But again, the abundant availability of choices often pushes you into dilemma about which handset to purchase. You needn’t panic. It may take a little extra time but you will be happy getting your choices. Whether you wish to purchase a handset of the most basic category with low price or the middle or of highest category, you have choices available in all segments. HTC Desire U price in India ranging around Rs 15-16000 indicates that it is of the middle category in both price and features. If you are used to the higher range of mobile phones, you may find it quite mediocre. But it is what it is. It is meant for the middle range users. And if you find yourself comfortable at this price range, you will certainly enjoy the features it provides you.

HTC Desire U has single core 1 GHz processor and no integrated GPU system. It has 4 inch display with WVGA resolution to enjoy reading, internet surfing or videos quite conveniently and we know that the overall touch response of HTC mobile is always commendable. You can find everything that you desire in a medium range mobile. In the midst of numerous medium range mobile phones its highlights are its 4 inch display, sense 400 UI, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 5 mega pixels camera, LED flash, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4GB on board storage, Bluetooth, beats audio and 1650 MAh battery. If you are well aware of the different features of mobile phones as per their price ranges, you would perhaps desire nothing more in HTC Desire U.

It is hardly wise to jump to conclusion to purchase a mobile. The features of mobile are of course important, but something that is more important is the feature that is of your use. You may have the 3G connectivity but you never use it. Your phone may have very good camera features and yet you hardly click a photo or record a video. You never make use of the multimedia features that your mobile has. You may wish to talk for hours but your battery does not support that long. So it is up to you which facilities you use in your mobile phone. But in the mobile phones of medium range like HTC Desire U, you find almost everything.

You may not use all the features at a time but certainly some or the other time you will be using the different features. HTC Desire U price in India is quite convenient for the middle range mobile users. It gives you everything that you wish. Be it the multimedia features like camera, music player, audio and video recording with different file format support. If you are a person well versed in social media, it is your best solution at this price range. Certainly you will find yourself more than satisfied for what you pay.


Guest post by Amritpal Singh