Watch Facebook’s Android event here [Live]

For those of you, who were living under a rock or something, Facebook is holding a press event in about an hour and will announce something related to Android. Thanks to all the leaks in the recent few weeks, we have some idea of what to expect today.

Here is a break-up of things, while you wait for the event to begin, which is scheduled for 1:00pm EDT — Thu Apr 4, 2013.  Live-stream below.

  1. Facebook Home: As per reports circulating around the web and all the leaks that we have seen so far, Facebook will be introducing “Facebook Home” today. It is a customised user interface (in simpler terms – launcher, doesn’t seem more than that) for Android. It will have Facebook integration ‘right in your face’ kind, allowing you to post, access, check-in or chat on Facebook from almost everywhere in the least number of steps.
  2. HTC First: HTC is also expected to make an appearance at the event and why not – because when you are showing off a user interface, you need a device. HTC and Facebook will most probably be announcing ‘HTC First’ smartphone at the event, which will be the first phone to come with Facebook Home interface.
  3. Information about other Facebook Home devices: Along with HTC First, Facebook is also expected to reveal information about other phones or tablets that will come pre-loaded with Facebook Home UI. According to reports, company has been in active talks with several other manufacturers and we might see results today, but we won’t really bet on it as HTC would not certainly like to see a competitor with it on the podium.
  4. Carrier Partnerships: For markets like US, every manufacturer needs active carrier partnerships to launch a device and successfully market it. Facebook and HTC also need such partnerships and we would ideally see at least one major telecom operator from the markets where Facebook Home powered HTC First is going on sale first.

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