Top Android app updates

We are back with our guide of top Android app updates in the last 24 hours. We saw updates for apps like SoundHound, SoundCloud, Expedia, Socialcam and a lot more. Find the details below along with full change-logs.

Productivity Android apps

SoundCloud (version 2.5.2): Cloud storage for audiophiles


  • Added extra URI handling
  • Fixed Search loading bugs
  • General stability fixes

Download SoundCloud for Android

SoundHound (version 5.3):  Music recognition app


  • Optimized for medium and large tablets
  • Visually stunning music discovery
  • See LiveLyrics, the newest way to experience lyrics as they magically move in sync with the song
  • Explore charts, albums and artists with graphic imagery
  • Streamlined sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Easily purchase the songs you love

Phone updates:

  • Find your songs quickly with SoundHound’s even faster music recognition!
  • Scroll through history more easily

Download SoundHound for Android

Dolphin Browser (version 9.3.2): Web Browser


  • Facebook/Evernote/Box sharing improvement.
  • Stability optimization of Dolphin Connect.
  • Many bug fixes.

Download Dolphin Browser for Android

Social Android apps

Minus: Chat with People Nearby (version 1.2)


  • See who liked your photos
  • New camera and upload improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Download Minus for Android

Keek Social Video (version 2.7.4): Record & share video with others


  • UI enhancements
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Download Keek for Android

Fitness Android apps:

Strava Cycling (version 3.3): Record all your rides, analyze your performance


  • View the map of your ride as you record
  • Create manual activities from your mobile device
  • Share, comment and give kudos from the feed

Download Strava Cycling for Android

Travel Android apps

Expedia Hotels & Flights (version 3.0)


  • Itineraries! A beautiful timeline of your upcoming trips with Expedia
  • New! Flight booking is now available in Spain, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands (phone only)
  • Improved! We made it easier to select dates for multi-night hotel stays and roundtrip flights
  • Improved! We simplified the checkout process so that you can book even faster
  • Fixed! We fixed issues with guest checkout in UK and Canada

Download Expedia for Android

Android Games

Line Play (version 1.3)


  • You can now give even more Hearts to your friends with the new “Extra Heart” feature.
  • Optimized the app and fixed some minor bugs.

Download Line Play for Android

Where’s My Perry? (Version 1.4)


  • This update includes 20 brand-new Agent P levels and 20 Dr. Doofenshmirtz very-evil levels!

Download Where’s My Perry? For Android

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