Google updates Google Play Movies & TV app with info-cards

With the Google Play Movies launch in India and Mexico, Google has also updated the Google Play Movies and TV app, which is used to consume this content on Android devices.

The biggest change in Google Play Movies app is info-cards, which show information about actors, related films, and other details like which song in playing in the movie. The feature is currently US only and works on tablet version on Android 4.0. The feature automatically presents information about the movie as soon as the user pauses movie playback on his/ her tablet. Users can also tap on actor faces to look for information about them.

The supported movies list is also not very long right now (only 192 movies), but Google is reportedly expanding the catalogue of Info-card supported movies.

Other changes in the update include search support to looks in user libraries and Google Play store for Movies and TV shows.

Here is the full change-log:

  • On tablets, press pause to discover actors, related films, and even what song is playing. Look for movies with the info cards badge. US only.
  • Search across your library and the Play Store for movies & TV shows.
  • Receive notifications for new TV show episodes if you’ve purchased the season.
  • Select the “refresh” option in the overflow menu to checks for any updates to the library.
  • Now available in India

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