HTC One SIM-free version further delayed in UK, now expected on April 3

HTC One delays don’t seem to be ending. Now, UK retailer Clove is saying that the SIM-free silver version of the HTC One is further delayed and the first stock is expected on April 3. The Black version is coming even later on April 10.

With pre-orders crossing the expected HTC One units in the first stock, Clove is now stating that orders placed after March 26 will now be fulfilled in late-April, meaning the retailer is not expecting the second stock before April-end.

Clove noted the following on its blog:

If you have an order with Clove for a HTC One, or have been planning to place an order, please find the current stock situation below:

Silver HTC One – First stock delayed until next week, 3rd April.

Black HTC One – First stock delayed until 10th April.

Orders placed on or after 26th March are likely to ship late April.

With Galaxy S 4 availability fast approaching and the phone set to be released in April-end, these delays are going to cost HTC very much.

There is no word on the carrier-branded versions of HTC One, whether they will be available this week or not.

HTC had earlier stated that it will release HTC One is three countries – Taiwan, Germany and UK and other countries getting the phone next month, now we are not sure about this time-line.

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