Top Android app updates

Communication Android apps:

LINE: Free Calls & Messages (version 3.6.4)


  • Now available in French and Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Other minor bug fixes

Download Line for Android

Sliding Messaging (version 4.10)


  • Fully customizable theme editor support and 5 more default theme choices
  • “Breathing” Notification Option
  • Ability to set custom fonts
  • Option to disable LED light
  • Backup/restore settings option
  • Text alignment option
  • More smoothing enhancements
  • Quick reply no longer closes when you touch outside the window
  • Bug fixes
  • UI fixes related to quick reply
  • General stability improvements

Download Sliding Messaging for Android

Productivity/ Utility Android apps:

Retro Camera (version 3.84)


  • Jelly Bean updates
  • If your older device starts to crash with this version enable settings – Memory Limit

Download Retro Camera for Android

Öffi – Public Transport Buddy (version 7.70)


  • Enhancement: directions excludes long distance trains by default when a regional network is selected
  • Resolved umlaut problems in Austria

Download Offi for Android

Evernote (version 5)

Read out detailed post for the update details

Todoist: To Do List, Task List (version 1.0.3)


  • Widgets — in the lock screen too!
  • Quick add notification (can be disabled in settings)
  • Settings
  • Swipe left to complete
  • Redesigned task list
  • Initial tablet support
  • New icon
  • What’s improved:  Accessibility, Syncing after coming back online, Performance, Back/up button interaction, UX/UI throughout the app

Download Todoist for Android

SwipePad – Hyperspace Launcher (version 0.9.9)


  • Pads editor with drag & drop to rearrange portals
  • Bug fixes

Download SwipePad – Hyperspace Launcher for Android

Android Games:

Osmos HD


  • Fixed compatibility with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Audio improvements
  • Stability improvements

Download Osmos HD for Android

Wild Blood (version 1.1.1)


  • New multiplayer mode: Juggernaut – One player is the Juggernaut and everyone else has to hunt him down! The Juggernaut gets special powers and is bigger than all the other players. Kill him and you become the new Juggernaut!
  • New multiplayer map: Haunted Castle
  • 3 new weapons: The Excalibur Sword, Twin Axe Crystal Blades and The Reckoning Longbow
  • King Arthur armor now available
  • Improved camera and controls with custom settings
  • Bug fixes

Download Wild Blood for Android

Kingdoms at War (version 2.77)


  • Fix hire ally issue for users with maxed out ally slots. Fix moderator functionality.
  • New points->gold conversion UI. Fix crash in marketplace.
  • Fix outdated kingdom after upgrade issue. Fix crash in item selection screen. Fix crash when private message db becomes unreadable.

Download Kingdoms at War

SoulCraft – Action RPG Game (version 2.1.3)


  • Skin buffs
  • Fixed account sync cross devices
  • Easter Eggs
  • Technical improvements

Download SoulCraft – Action RPG Game

World at Arms (version 1.0.9)


  • 2 buildings to collect OIL & COINS from all buildings within range in the blink of an eye.
  • 2 buildings to boost your base’s Energy & Revenue!
  • 5 new units.
  • 4 new boosters (formerly called decorations).
  • PvP is now fully accessible from the world map.
  • Attacks from other players can now damage your buildings!
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes.

Download World at Arms for Android

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