HTC might bring Sense 5 to HTC One X, X+, S and HTC Butterfly


HTC recently introduced the revamped Sense interface in the form of version 5.0 along with HTC One smartphone. The interface is much lighter and cleaner than company’s previous Sense iterations.

Many of the One X, X+ and most importantly Butterfly users were wondering if they will by lucky enough to get the Sense 5.0 interface officially on their phones.

Well, according to HTC, it will indeed be bring Sense 5.0 to some of its devices (not sure which ones), but not all functionality of Sense 5 will be ported to these devices, which is expected.

HTC Sense 5.0 key features:
*HTC Blinkfeed
*Minimalist layout
*Integration of TV control (won’t be   coming to One X, X+, or Butterfly       as  there is no IR Blaster)
*Zoe Camera (probably this won’t come too)
*Sync Manager

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