Silence for Android Integrates with Google Calendar, Adjusts Your Sound and Wireless Settings Automatically

Silence is a great utility or automatically toggling your sound and wireless settings based on specific times of day.Now the app has been updated and integrates with Google Calendar for automatic quiet hours, can toggle mobile data on or off as well as Wi-Fi, and more.

Silence 2.0 comes with a number of improvements, most notably the ability to toggle your wireless, mobile data, sound, and notifications settings based on appointments in your Google Calendar, so if you have a meeting from 9am to 10am, you can tell Silence to mute all notifications and your ringer (or set it to vibrate) during that time period. You can still set your own quiet periods too, so if you know you’ll be in bed between 11pm and 7am the next morning, you can tell Silence to turn everything off while you sleep to conserve battery. Plus, the new version also—depending on your device—can toggle mobile data and airplane mode when you know you won’t be using your phone.

Download Silence

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