Android 2.3 still present on more devices than Jelly Bean & ICS

Being the latest Android version, Jelly Bean might still be growing but Ice Cream Sandwich is getting stagnant, shows the latest Android platform data revealed by Google. Devices running on Android 4.0 were 29.1 per cent, but that has gone down to 29 per cent this month.

Gingerbread continues to reign at the top as there seems to be no challenger for this OS version. We don’t see it leaving the top stop anytime soon, as the rise of ICS has stopped and Jelly Bean is not going to reach 40 per cent level anytime soon.

One of the reasons for Gingerbread’s reign at the top is availability of budget Android phones from little known manufacturers, which still run on Android 2.3, as loading ICS on such underpowered devices is a mess. These cheap Android phones contribute a lot to the overall figure thus Gingerbread is here to stay.

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