Second-gen Nexus 7 being developed by Asus; will keep the pricing

Given the success of Nexus 7 tablet, Google is most likely to announce the second-generation of this tablet at the Google I/O 2013. The first rumours of this upcoming successor to Nexus 7 are in and they suggest Google is keeping Asus on-board as the manufacturer of this tablet.It was Asus only, which developed original Nexus 7 in partnership with Google, so keeping Asus on-board for next-generation 7-inch Nexus tablet isn’t so surprising.

Digitimes notes that engineering samples of second-generation Nexus 7 are already doing rounds and according to sources, who have seen them, the Nexus 7 II will have same pricing as predecessor.The full set of second-gen Nexus 7 specifications are not clear right now, but it will come with full HD display, an industrial design with thinner bezel, added Digitimes.The site states that the tablet will come with an enhanced version of Jelly Bean on-board, which sounds highly unlikely as Google will most probably introduce Key Lime Pie at the event.

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