First CyanogenMOD 10.1 M-series build released

CyanogenMOD has released the first M-series build for CM10.1 build today. If you don’t already know, the M-series build are sufficiently stable and ready for the daily use, but still might find odd bugs or glitches.

Today’s is the first M-series build for Jelly Bean MR1 (CM10.1) release of CM. The team also revealed on the blog that CM10.1 is on track for a stable release, but as always did not give a timeline.

“Today we are doing our first M build for 10.1, based on Jelly Bean MR1. More devices are being worked on, and are available as nightly builds for the time being,” Cyanogen noted in a blog post.

The devices for which, today’s CM10.1 M series build is available:

Samsung Captivate Samsung Nexus S (+4G)
Samsung Galaxy S3 USA models (D2*)
Samsung Galaxy S (galaxysmtd/galaxysbmtd)
Google Nexus 7
Google Galaxy Nexus (all variants)
Google Nexus 4
Google Nexus 10 ODroid
Samsung P3100, P3110
Samsung P5100, P5110

You can grab the download from Installation of CyanogenMOD is fairly easy for most of the devices, you can look at CM Wiki for more instructions.

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