Google brings scan and match to Google music in US

After launching the scan and match service in Europe last month, Google has now brought it to US. Google Music users in the country can now skip the huge upload times and let Google scan their music and add it from its own collection to their Google Music cloud locker.

Google also plans to go back and do matching for the existing uploaded music collections on Google Play.

“Our new music matching feature gets your songs into your online music library on Google Play much faster. We’ll scan your collection and quickly rebuild it in the cloud – all for free. And we’ll stream your music back to you at up to 320 kbps,” Google Play team posted on Google+.

“This feature is live today for people in the US, following our European launch last month,” it added.

While the competitors of Google Play like Apple iTunes and Amazon (free for just 250 songs) offer similar services but they are paid unlike Google’s scan and match, which is completely free for up to 20,000 songs.

There is still no word on when Google is going to launch Google Play Music in more countries.

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